Lesotho2017 charities
Date:  27 February - 3 March 2017
Beneficiaries:  Thabang Children's Project | Little Eden Society
Amount raised:  R 1 081 558,36
Costs covered by TMS:  R 564 608,79

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Lesotho Cycle Challenge Xtreme Edition 2- Pushing the limits even more…

The Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge is exactly that. Intended to test a cyclist’s ability to handle extreme conditions, murderous climbs, terrifying down-hills and grueling distances on terrible roads, all at high altitude which in itself creates its own challenges such as lack of oxygen, loss of appetite, less than optimal performance and slower recovery. All this already makes this a unique event that is definitely not for the weak or the faint hearted.

In 2016 it was decided that they should push the limits and the The Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge Xtreme Edition was born... The 2016 route was aimed at being even more extreme, hence the name “Xtreme Edition”, and ended up with a total distance 300km of which a grand total of 8km was tar. That calculates to only 2.6%! It also peaked at 10 000’ on the second day and the total ascent was 7 500m vs the old 5 500m. The only similarity between 2016 and previous years was the time limit, which was still only three days. Truly an epic challenge that was undertaken by a few crazy cyclists who thought they would never survive it again!

Until 2017 that is. Yes, they were actually crazy enough to do it again! And this year it turned out to be more like a triathlon than a cycle challenge, with cyclists literally climbing mountains and swimming through rivers with their bikes in the air! Heavy rainfall during the preceding weeks resulted in the already terrible road surfaces faced on day 2 being almost completely non existant and the new route that had cyclists climbing over and then down the escarpment on day 3 posed a bigger challenge than anyone could have predicted.

This year also brought a lot of new faces on board, as we had a lot of late cancellations, which was great. It’s nice to have new boys on the block and to see how they react as they don’t know what’s coming. There had been flood conditions the week before and the scout team really thought we wouldn’t make it, but we did.

Trollope Mining Services would once again like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person involved in this challenge for their contribution to its success. Thanks to the overwhelming response from suppliers and sponsors, for which TMS is sincerely grateful, the Company was able to raise a total amount of:

R 1 081 558,36



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