Lesotho2015 charities
Date:  23 - 27 February 2015
Beneficiaries:  Smile Foundation | Sunshine Association | Pathways Roodepoort
Amount raised:  R 1,451 000.00
Costs covered by TMS:  R 789 298.19


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One dark and stormy evening five years ago saw the birth of the LCIC (local community of insane cyclists). An intense brain storming session at an undisclosed secret location, the TMS pub, resulted in the creation of what we know today as the Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge.

Chairman of the board - Lord of Darkness - somehow managed to persuade his devoted followers that trekking across Lesotho, on a bicycle is an amazing idea!!! Some even quote him as saying "come on, it will be fun"

The Lesotho High Altitude Cycle Challenge was brought to life by a small group of semi skilled and heavily motivated individuals determined to succeed.  It was decided that the aim of the challenge would be to generate some much needed cash for various charities and to test the extreme capabilities of the human body in order to remind us of how fortunate we are to have our health and what we are blessed with. And obviously some bragging rights around the fire, makes for an amazing “war” story.

2015 sees the 4th rendition of this amazing cycling event. This year we had the privilege of hosting 40 dedicated cyclists and a couple of “in the closet” cyclists disguised as back up team.

What makes this cycle challenge unique is the fact that it takes place at extremely high altitudes, the highest point above sea level on route being 11 000 feet, effecting not only performance levels due to lack of oxygen but also recovery time and dehydration rates. As always, extremely steep gradients, poor road conditions and constant temperature variations took their toll on body and mind, but the awe-inspiriting beauty of the Lesotho landscape rewards perseverance time and time again!

Completing this epic challenge is a great achievement for every cyclist. One that would not be possible without the unfailing support offered by the phenomenal backup team focused on making sure that a constant supply of drinks, food, snacks, extra kit, sun screen, medical supplies, moral support and spare parts is available at all times.

Trollope Mining Services would once again like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person involved in this challenge for their contribution to its success. Thanks to the overwhelming response from suppliers and sponsors, for which TMS is sincerely grateful, the Company was able to raise a total amount of:

R 1,451 000.00.


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