Trollope Mining Services (2000) (Pty) Ltd has a level 2 BBBEE empowerment rating (Score 66.93) and is 26% Black owned (modified flow through), with a Black Women Ownership of 6.89%      

The company has adopted a BBBEE policy that corresponds with its group policy. The accreditation process confirms the status of Trollope Mining Services’ participation in government’s aim for the business to contribute towards change.

The company’s corporate practices are based on the principle of equality irrespective of race, gender, religion, language, origin or physical circumstance.  Trollope Mining Services is committed to eliminating discrimination in any form and has implemented an employment equity plan with set targets, including affirmative action in all activities and tolerance of all cultures represented in the workforce.

The business’s strategy includes a focus on employment equity and the promotion of business equity through procurement practices. The company is committed to empowerment at all levels of its operations and is proud of its empowerment credentials. Furthermore Trollope Mining Services is increasingly concentrating on affirmative procurement to further advance business equity and increase the percentage of goods and services procured from black empowered companies.

There is a management development plan in place for black managers and the transference of skills to black staff. Black participation in the governance structures of Trollope Mining Services is also being encouraged. The business has made numerous advances in respect of these issues.

The BBBEE policy further promotes the company’s commitment to Socio-Economic Development as well as Enterprise Development.


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